‘General Hospital’ Spoilers for the Week: October 20 – 22

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'General Hospital' Spoilers for the Week:  October 20 - 22

The daytime drama "General Hospital" has a lot of things going on for Chad Duell's character, Michael.  So far, what we know is that there are many secrets that have been told to him.  Those prevented him from the truth about his father's murder.  This week however, it seems that Michael will finally know the truth about his father AJ's murder.  This is according to a report by Soap Central

After AJ's murder, Michael hangs on to what he believes that it was Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) who shot his father when the robbery took place.  However, it was really Sonny (Maurice Bernard), Michael's adoptive father who pulled the trigger of the gun that killed AJ.  Sadly, only a few others know of this truth. 

There have been many plans for Michael not to know about what Sonny did, and these plans were done by those who are closest to Michael.  Though the people who thought of keeping mum about the truth think that everything is going smoothly for them, none of them have thought to keep Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), the former fiancée of Carlos, from visiting Carlos in prison.  Eventually, the truth about AJ's death was revealed to Sabrina. 

The report by EN Stars highlights on how important AJ is for Michael as he plans to have a memorial center in memory of his late father.  Then all of a sudden, Sabrina spills out the information that Carlos wasn't really the one who killed AJ.  This revelation leaves Michael stunned.  Sabrina wasn't able to completely explain everything, but she tries her best to convince Michael of Carlos' innocence.  Michael confides what Sabrina told him to Kiki and the PCPD.  Kiki becomes concerned about Michael's discovery and informs Morgan about it.

Shawn and Sonny are still plotting to get rid of Franco.  Franco on the other hand seems to be quite adept to prevent both Sonny and Shawn.  The cunning Sonny then senses that their plans might not be fulfilled. 

Also on this week's episodes on "General Hospital" , we see a Nina able to persuade a suspect person to be involved in her plans of vengeance.  Nathan, quite concerned about Nina's welfare, tracks her actions down before this leads her into further trouble.  As for Ava, she gets the medical attention with the assistance of Morgan and Kiki. 





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