Windows 10 OS Release Date in USA: Microsoft Isn’t Interested After All?

Windows 10 OS Release Date in USA

Windows 10 OS Release Date in USA: Microsoft Isn't Interested After All?

A few months have passed since the first rumors for Microsoft's new operating system came out, but since then there are no updates while users wonder when they can move over Windows 8.  Some time ago, Microsoft even agreed to be working a new Windows upgrade and promised to reveal it soon enough. Now, it is believed that the new operating system still in early stages of development and tech analysts have no idea why Microsoft chose to announce this update so early.

Notably, after Windows 8 many were expecting announcement of 9 but Microsoft chose to skip that number and name the next update 10. According to Forbes, there is quite some time before this new operating system sees the light of day. They expect the release date for Windows 10 to be somewhere around in late 2015. Even Apple has launched its new operating system for Mac and if reports are believed to be true, Microsoft wants to make it better than that synchronizing all the devices that a user will possibly have.

Talking of possible features and upgrades, Terry Myerson (Windows Chief) believes that it will offer the best of professional and personal use. iTech Radar believes that is possibly the future of operating system even on desktops and laptops. Microsoft is reportedly working on ways to incorporate touch gestures on this new operating system while giving it a complete visual makeover. Rich colors and fluidic animation will rule the new Windows 10 features along with Start Menu, which was missing in Windows 8. Command prompts and applicants are also believed to be a larger part of new operating system along with speech recognition and automated response system Cortana. Many experts believe that voice commands on Android and Windows phones have been a huge hit and now people will want them on desktops too.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has declined to make any official comment on this operating system saying that the makers are busy working on a new smartwatch, which is expected to release in a matter to months. Apparently, this watch will be compatible with new Microsoft operating system.           

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