'Dead Rising Movie: Watchtower' Release Date and News: Rob Riggle from 'The Daily Show' to Play the Lead Role

Rob Riggle
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'Dead Rising Movie: Watchtower' Release Date and News: Rob Riggle from 'The Daily Show' to Play the Lead Role

Legendary Pictures and Crackle issued a public statement this week, announcing the cast members of the soon to be released film "Dead Rising: Watchtower," which is based on a video game of the same title. According to Digital Trends, Rob Riggle will play the lead role in the upcoming "Dead Rising: Watchtower" movie and he assumes the role of Frank West, a photojournalist. Crackle is a division of Sony Pictures and Legendary Pictures is a division of Legendary Entertainment.

Rob Riggle has made appearances in the "The Daily Show" as a correspondent and he also played a role in comedy films such 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street and Let's Be Cops. Riggle is a former Marine who did tours of duty in countries such as Afghanistan, Kosovo and Liberia. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Coronel.

The official synopsis for the "Dead Rising: Watchtower" movie focuses on a massive zombie infestation. The government tried to save the rest of the population thru forced vaccinations to arrest the spread of the virus but it failed. Frank West and three other survivors must avoid getting infected themselves. The four will also uncover the truth behind the spread of the virus and will be shocked to learn that the government seems to be behind the zombie virus all along.

Joining Rob Riggle is Aleks Paunovic (This Means War) who plays the role of biking gang leader and hardened criminal Logan, Legendary reports. Harley Morenstein (TUSK, Epic Meal Empire and Epic Meal Time) plays the role of Pyro, another biker and Logan's right hand man. Keegan Connor Tracy (Once Upon a time and Bates Motel) plays the role of a prim journalist, Jordan.

Other cast members of the "Dead Rising: Watchtower" film includes Dennis Haysbert, Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory and Virginia Madsen. "Dead Rising: Watchtower" was written by Tim Carter.

"Dead Rising: Watchtower" will have a film debut under Crackle first and later, the film will go straight to DVD and television. Copies of the video game "Dead Rising" was sold worldwide and reached over 7.6 million.

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