Apple iPhone 6 Rumors 2014: 5 10 Things That You Should Know

Apple iPhone 6 Rumors 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Rumors 2014: 5 Things That You Should Know

Apple has released many devices this year and announced the arrival of many others in the recent days. Out of all these, the announcements that have truly taken the world by surprise are about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It is not like that the world was not expecting new iPhones, but no one thought that Apple will actually come up with bigger screen size, new operating system and so much else.

The preorders across the world have certainly exceeded the expectations, but just when everything seemed to go fine, Apple hit a bummer. Many have raised concerns over phone's performance and possible defects. The top ten rumors on Apple iPhone 6 include:


Hundreds of iPhone 6 users across the world complained about how their device bent in the pocket and Apple has no answers for it. While many believe it's just a rumor to ruin this new phone, the engineers should come forward and clear things for once.


Although this rumor was not exactly that popular, some users did complain on their Twitter account how the aluminum design actually caches hairs while talking on the phone. Obviously there is not much information about it.

Battery Drain

Some blame it on the operating system while others think that Apple is actually not well-prepared to handle power requirements of a bigger device. Users reported on several Apple forums that their battery doesn't even last a day with normal usage. That's a serious allegation if it's true.

Apple Pay Charges

Again you can hold the new operating system responsible for these issues but apparently only iPhone 6 users have faced the charging issues with Apple Pay. People said that they were charged multiple times for using the service just once. If that's the case, Apple engineers should look into the issue.

Jean Dye

Apparently a new problem has been noticed in the last couple of days where dye for the jeans pockets is allegedly ruining plastic strips on iPhone 6. While it is too early to say if it's true, there's a whole story of the incident available in a BGR report.               

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