‘Ouija’ vs ‘John Wick’:Keanu Reeves Scared Of Olivia Cooke?

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'Ouija' vs 'John Wick':Keanu Reeves Scared Of Olivia Cooke? 

Teenage PG-13 horror film "Ouija" is on its way to the top spot of the weekend box office despite all the negative reviews it is getting.

As of Oct. 24, Friday, the board game horror film starring "Bates Motel" actress Olivia Cooke earned $8 million and is expected to gross over $20 million over the weekend.

Like "Ouija," Lionsgate's action film "John Wick" starring Keanu Reeves also premiered on Friday earning $5.5 million and is expected to gross $15 million after three days.

This is consistent to Entertainment Weekly's weekend box office prediction with "Ouija" earning $20 million, "John Wick" with $15 million, "Fury" with $14 million, "Gone Girl" with $12 million and "The Book Of Life" with $10 million.

With "Ouija" on top and "John Wick" in second place, last week's box-office number one Brad Pitt's war movie "Fury" is in third place followed by Fox and New Regency's "Gone Girl" starring Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike and Neil Patrick Harris, Deadline reported.

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Produced by Blumhouse Productions and Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes and distributed by Universal Pictures, "Ouija" cost only approximately $5 million to make featuring a story of teenage friends who sought help from the Ouija Board to solve a friend\s mysterious death.

While Universal is expecting about $18 million for its opening, others believe that it can even earn over $25 million over the weekend.

While they target teen audiences, "Ouija" simply featured less known teenage actors and simply relied on digital marketing campaign and the Hasbro's board game where it was based on.

As part of the campaign, Universal Pictures released a 20-second trailer for "Ouija" on Snapchat.

Universal's executive vice president of digital marketing Doug Neil told the Los Angeles Times, "We believed that the Snapchat user is in our core target user for the 'Ouija' movie opening Friday. If it hadn't been a movie tied to a teen audience, we probably wouldn't have taken this opportunity."

Hasbro Studios President Stephen Davis also said, "You may have a lore and canon like with Transformers, but you also want to create a more expansive world because it's about creating something new, something fresh. That holds true for brands like Transformers as much as it does for Ouija."

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On the other hand, "John Wick" also stars Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Willem Dafoe and Dean Winters and it relies heavily on Reeves' star power just as how "Fury" did with Angelina Jolie's husband and "Gone Girl" with Jennifer Garner's husband.  



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