The Voice Season 7, Knock Out Rounds Next Monday, Taylor Swift as Guest Advisor, Night 4 Recap – Three Note-Worthy Performances

The Voice Season 7

The Voice Season 7, Knock Out Rounds Next Monday, Taylor Swift as Guest Advisor, Night 4 Recap - Three Note-Worthy Performances

The final contestants were chosen in the previous episode, ready for the knockout rounds next Monday!

Gwen Stefani was the only coach left with one steal, and she was surely nervous in the previous episode, trying to figure out how to use the last steal for her team's victory.

All the coaches were there to roundup their teams, choosing the best among their vocalists. Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were all looking excitedly tense for their final selections.

The night began with Pharrell's choice. For the Pharrell's team, the coach chose Ricky Manning as the winner against Brittany Butler. Pharrell chose the two since they both have "scary" good voices; Britanny has that Jazzy vibe and Ricky has his R&B groove. Alicia Keys was their celebrity advisor, helping the two in performing "On Boardway" by George Benson, as selected by Pharell.

The other two note-worthy performances for the night were from Blake and Adam's pairs.

Blake chose Kensington Moore and Reagan James for the night. Their song was "Team" by Lorde. The two performed very well, but Blake chose Reagan for her confidence and stage presence, given the fact that she's only 15 years old.

Adam chose Beth Spangler and Mia Pfirrman. Their song was "I turn to you" by Christina Aguilera. Both gave out impressive voices during their performance, while seemingly giving up after their big moments. Adam chose Mia as the winner, but Beth still has her chance, as Gwen used her last steal on Beth.

The Voice season 7's knockout rounds air next Monday and Tuesday at 8PM on NBC.



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