Samsung Galaxy A3: An ‘A Series’ Budget Friendly Entry

Samsung Galaxy A3: An ‘A Series’ Budget Friendly Entry

Samsung Galaxy A3: An 'A Series' Budget Friendly Entry

People are waiting for Samsung's upcoming release of three smartphones, all categorized under its "A series"- Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A3. The "A series" has neither undergone materialization nor has received official confirmation; however, there are already varied leaks as to how these devices would look like and what people can expect from it.

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As expected by many, the Samsung Galaxy A3 will have the most basic features in the lineup, and recently, a handset of M-A300H has been seen on the FCC. One of the most important things that came with these speculations is the fact that Galaxy A3 will not have a 4G LTE connectivity. Surprisingly, a lot of people weren't surprised by this news.

From the start, Samsung Galaxy A7, A5, and A3 were said to have been made to become budget handsets, though it'll bear the semi-premium feel and look of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

A Galaxy SM-A3000 A3 has also been shown on TENAA in the latter part of September, revealing a lot more details about its specifications. As reflected in the list of TENAA, Galaxy A3 will have a modest qHD 4.5-inch display resolution, a RAM of 1GB, quad-core 1.2GHz processor, internal storage of 8GB, camera of 8MP, and front shot of 5MP.

This smartphone's highlight is expected to be represented in its stylish design, though at this point, it has remained unclear if everything will be metal, have metal edges or have full-plastic material. Also, TENAA has confirmed that the device will be supported by a 4G network.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that its model number listed in TENAA is A3000 whereas the same device listed in FCC is A300H. This will elaborate the difference as the one in the FCC listing is the phone's 3G variant only.

Samsung Galaxy A3, until today, is still covered with mystery and it is still very difficult to arrive to a conclusion despite the many speculations that came out already. We can only wait in high hopes that it will turn out to be the device we're expecting it to be. The release is soon to happen!

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