‘Ouija’ Star Ana Coto Reveals Why She Loves Ouija Boards, Halloween, Pizza

Ana Coto
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'Ouija' Star Ana Coto Reveals Why She Loves Ouija Boards, Halloween, Pizza 

"I love pizza and I love Ouija boards," said Ana Coto, one of the teen stars of the box-office hit horror flick "Ouija."

According to the actress known for the 2011 film "DisCONNECTED" and the 2014 film "You Me & Her," "Ouija" viewers should expect the fact that she foresees a lot of pizza party Ouija board movies.

"Wouldn't it be cool if you order a box of pizza and get Ouija?" Coto asked. "The point is, I love Halloween, I'm an October baby, and Ouija fits right into that."

On the other hand, her co-star Bianca Santos told Latin Timesviewers can expect "lots of thrills, lots of suspense, but also a lot of fun" from "Ouija."

"We were just talking about how it is possible for there to be a feel-good horror and 'Ouija' is the one. It's Halloween, grab your friends or your date, and enjoy thrills and suspense. You leave feeling not scarred. It's a fun movie," Santos added.

Directed by Stiles White Stiles White, "Ouija" stars Coto and Santos along with Oliva Cooke, Douglas Smith, Shelley Hennig and Daren Kagasoff as a group of friends who try to investigate the mysterious death of their friend through the help of a Ouija board.

White also co-wrote the script with Juliet Snowden.

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This is not the first time for Coto to do a horror film. For her, the first thing that drew her to her role as Sarah Morris, the sister of Cooke's role Laine Morris, was the script, which she found "actually really scary."

Coto considers herself lucky enough to get a call back and meet with White. Like Santos, she said the director made her feel really comfortable and he knew what he wanted from them as actors and from the story.

She also felt a kinship to her role in "Ouija" because she was very much like her when she was a teenager. While she used to be a very rebellious girl challenging authority, her role has a character that changes drastically throughout the movie.

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While filming "Ouija," Coto said she also had funny moments such as being dragged across floor of a room over rubber glass while in a harness. 







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