Latina ‘Ouija’ Actress Bianca Santos Shares Ghost Stories, Praises Director Stiles White

Bianca Santos
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Latina 'Ouija' Actress Bianca Santos Shares Ghost Stories, Praises Director Stiles White

Olivia Cooke's "Ouija" co-star Bianca Santos has nothing but praises for the director of her current horror flick and shared some scary moments they had while filming.

The Latina teen actress told the Latin Post during a recent interview that there were a few eerie and spooky moments on the set of "Ouija."

One of the houses they filmed at had crazy puppets and marionettes in glass cases, which Santos said was weird and "really, really creepy" when she and her co-actors walked into that location where they had to shoot at night.

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There was also one time when they heard some creepy sounds from an attic while filming "Ouija." They heard footsteps from up above while rolling so they had to call cut.

"Someone went upstairs to check and, lo and behold, the attic was completely clear and there was nobody upstairs and there was no way for someone to be there. We don't know if that was a prank but that was kind of weird," Santos recalled.

Moreover, she shared that something funny happened during the filming of "Ouija."

According to her, there were times when the directors and producers would take blow horns to get authentic scares from the actors. 

For Santos, a lot of the moments where people are afraid are real moments and "a lot of them are creative moments."

"I think Stiles did an excellent job of really setting up what was happening in the scene and really helped me believe and create," she said of "Ouija" director Stiles White.

 In real life, Santos has never used a Ouija board.

"For me, I always got a warning from my superstition mother to never play with it. And, I was pretty obedient,"' she explained.

On the other hand, Santos' "Ouija" co-star Ana Coto admitted she has tried playing Ouija board in real life.

"I mean really the first few times I played, nothing happened," Coto said in a recent interview with Latina.

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According to Coto, the scariest scenes to shoot in "Ouija" have been all the Ouija games with the actual games filmed three days in a row in a creepy house was built in the 19th century.



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