'General Hospital' Spoilers: Will Carry marries Franco? And some things to wait on November

"General Hospital" Series

"General Hospital" Spoilers: Will Carry marries Franco? And some things to wait on November

"General Hospital" is in for a big week, this coming October 27th to 31st. The Halloween season is coming, as is the wedding of Carly and Franco. Some of the fans are now talking about the couple of the series. Now we are aware that Franco has other plans which include Heather Webber and ironically so does Sonny.

According We Love Soaps, Carly will find out about a secret of Franco. Does this mean that the wedding will be called off, or will Carly actually go through with marrying Franco?

The identity of A.J.'s true killer is still unknown, though Michael now believes Ava is the true murderer. Carly is still hoping that Michael will stop looking for the truth because if he finds out she knew Sonny was guilty, he will never be able to forgive her. As all of this unfolds, Sonny may confide in Morgan. Will this change their already strained relationship or will it add more tension between the father and son?

The week is up to a big kick-off to November. This is the time to reveal the answers to some for the mysteries in the series. Confirmation came last week that Anthony Geary will be returning to "General Hospital" during November sweeps. So many things are happening that made fans really excited, including the possibility of "Jake" remembering he is really Jason Morgan.

From General Hospital Happenings, what's next after Monday's episode? Here's some fresh spoiler news: First, it's Beggar's Night for the kiddies of Port Charles and Maxie and Nathan seemed determined to be together. Next, Maxie and Nathan will seek out for some advice from Diane and some little assistance regarding Judge Walters. And lastly, Tracy will anxiously await news of Luke's release.

This time, what to expect on November? After the wedding, Michael will seek for answers and he was caught off guard. Life of Ava's baby will be endangered and she will share something unexpected with Nina.

There you have it, you've got what you're looking for, now, don't forget to tune in this week to see what will happen with Franco and Carly, and also to find out if Michael will get the truth that he really deserves to have.

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