Carman Talks About His Chemotherapy Treatment and Updates Us on His Health Condition

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After months of silence, Gospel singer Carman updates on his facebook a picture of him when he was undergoing chemotherapy treatiment for the cancer in his body. He writes about the ordeal: 

"I remember so well washing my hair after the 3rd week of chemotherapy and seeing it all come off in my hands in clumps. I remember the agony of that giant needle in my sternum to draw out stem cells," he wrote. "The ports they planted in my chest to daily inject drugs. The mind numbing pain of my bones expanding to produce stem cells. Sleeping in the bathroom for days because I'd throw up so often. The dry heaves. The violent stomach cramps. Gaining 15 pounds in 3 days on chemo. Losing 30 pounds in 5 days because I couldn't hold down a glass of water. The claustrophobic 2 hour MRI's in that giant plastic tube."

He then recalled catching pneumonia "and coming within inches of leaving this world." It was these dark times that helped him remember the grace of God.

"I remember never getting angry or depressed. Never feeling abandoned or hopeless. It was the valley of the shadow of death but I feared no evil," he shared. "I remember the commitment I made to my Facebook and Kickstarter supporters be on 100 stages across America in 9 months singing the gospel. I remember the belief you all had in me that held my mind together, kept me strong, focused and peaceful. Today I'm strong and Cancer free."

On February 14, 2013, Carman revealed that he had been diagnosed with myeloma and given a prognosis of only three to four more years to live.  As of December 2013, Carman had been in the hospital receiving chemotherapy treatments. By early 2014 however, Carman announced that medical tests had indicated that his body was free of cancer. He plans to continue preparing for his "Live Across America" album and tour. 

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