Brian Courtney Wilson On His First Live Worship Album "Worth Fighting For"

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Brian Courtney Wilson has released his album "Worth Fighting For." Brian was formerly on Music World Gospel and released two albums that generated the hit song "So Proud."  He was also part of the successful supergroup United Tenors with Fred Hammond, Dave Hollister & Eric Roberson. He's now on Motown Gospel and the new album "Worth Fighting For" is an amazing live experience. His distinct raspy & soulful vocal captures listeners and makes the worship personal. 

Hallels: Brian so honored to be able to interview you. Congratulations on the release of your new album "Worth Fighting For." What are you most excited about the album?

Thank you.

I am excited that churches have already begun presenting the music. I have been sent videos of performances of 'Worth Fighting For' and 'I'll Just Say Yes' in particular. I have been moved and thankful that our local churches and communities have found the the album to be useful in their individual worship.

Hallels: On this album you got to work with stellar songwriter and producer Aaron Lindsey. How did you get to work with him? What does he bring to this record that you like?

Aaron says that he heard me on a cruise ship years back and thought that I was someone he wanted to work with. I first reached out to him to produce the title track to 'So Proud' for me and that solidified his desire to work on my next project. Getting to know him personally ever further confirmed it for me. He brought a wealth of experience (with live recordings in particular) that made the process seamless. His goal was to help me capture my vision for this project and I believe that he did just that.

Hallels: This album was recorded live. Do you enjoy a live recording over a studio album?

It was my very first full length live recording and yes there is certainly something special about presenting the songs live ... getting real time energy and feedback from the audience. I really enjoyed being at one of the churches I serve at as well. It was great to share this album with people who have seen me develop as an artist over the years

Hallels: On the song "It'll Be Alright (My Evidence)" you sing about going trough some dark nights and weary days. What were some of the challenges you went through in the making of this record? And how did you overcome them?

There were many, but I will share one in particular:

Waiting for the opportunity to share my own new music, the way I wanted to hear it, without getting discouraged. How did I overcome? With the love and support of my friends and family. The songs I wrote for this record, contained messages that I needed to believe. As I began to share them I realized that the world needed to hear them too, it helped me to not give up.

Hallels: I absolutely love "Nothing Occurs to God," what's the inspiration behind this song?

Thank you for saying so. A vibrant church gathering was transitioning leadership and there were people who were left confused, some with hurt feelings around the decision. I knew people who served at the church so I went to show support at the final service with the leader at the helm. It was as if he knew how disillusioned and disoriented some of the people were feeling. He stood before the gathering and said 'has it ever occurred to you that nothing occurs to God'. I started singing the melody into my phone right there.

Hallels: You have got quite a number of guests singing with you on the album including Tina Campbell. What was it like singing with her?

She also is a pro's pro. She sings a song likes she means it and you can't help but feel it because she does. Sharing a song with her was a distinct privilege.

Hallels: For our readers who would like to purchase your new album and/or find out more about you, where can they go?

Please visit my website -



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