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Lindsay Huggins

Southern Gospel artist Lindsay Huggins has released the video "Praying Women."  Just in time for Mother's Day, "Praying Women" is a tribute to all women (especially mothers) who pray for their loved ones.  This new single is lifted from Huggins' new album "Then Came Jesus."  

"Praying Women" was penned by award-winning songwriters Lee Black, Marcia Henry and Kenna Turner West. "I was sick and had called on several of my girlfriends and family to pray. The Lord moved and took care of the problem." said Henry. "I shared with Lee and Kenna how thankful I was for praying women. Lee started running with it and Kenna and I got excited. It was a memorable day!"

"Lee had the idea to turn the testimony into a song." said West. "And when Marcia began playing the piano, I think that all three of us could sense that we were part of something very special." she concluded.  

When asked about the song and video "Praying Women", artist Lindsay Huggins responded "I'm so pleased to release the music video for my single 'Praying Women'. The song was special to me from the moment I heard it, because my mother prayed the prayer of salvation with me on our living room couch." Huggins concludes "I know her prayers through the years have shaped me, and I want to leave that same legacy." The song was produced by acclaimed songwriter and producer Jerry Salley, and is found on the newly released project Then Jesus Came. 

The video was produced by Bryce Free and Paper Taxi Designs. Regarding the video production, Huggins commented, "I was thrilled to have Bryce Free direct and produce this video. I also owe a huge thanks to my very generous friends who volunteered to be in the video. They did a fabulous job and I'm really proud of what we created." 

The video can be found online at and will also be broadcast nationwide on Harmony Road TV and other television programs in the coming weeks.

More information on Lindsay Huggins and her ministry can be found at

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