An Exclusive Interview: Lucas Hoge Talks About His Faith and His Upcoming Country Album

Lucas Hoge

Lucas Hoge has appeared at the Inspirational Country Music (ICM) Awards as a presenter and was nominated for "Best Male Vocalist" in 2012, after being nominated for "New Artist of The Year" in 2011. His song, "Have I Done Something" was the No. 1 song on the Christian Country Charts in Nov. 2012. He also answered a woman's dying wish to turn her poem "How Was I To Know," into a song.

Hoge is also well-known in the country and Christian music worlds for his goodwill efforts as the star of Animal Planet's Last Chance Highway where he worked to rescue stray dogs and find them loving homes. He's been on The Today Show, Daytime TV, The Daily Buzz and many others. His Christian faith very much drives his life and I think he'd be a great fit for the show.

He's set to release a new single this summer called "Power of Garth" which will be backed by Reviver Records and promoted to mainstream country radio across the country.

Hallels: Thanks Lucas for doing this interview with you. Before you became a solo artist, I believe you fronted two Christian bands. Can you tell us more about those days?

I was one of the worship leaders and band leaders for a band called Xtreme Devotion, we primarily played at the Lutheran chapel on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus on Thursday nights for service. I was also in another band that was a southern rock and country band called Southern Cross... I believe they still play in the Nebraska area today.

Hallels: You had a song called "Have I Done Something," which was a #1 song on the Christian Country Charts in Nov. 2012. What's the song about? And what was the inspiration behind the song? 

The song is about all of the negatives in the headlines and overall destruction that is going on in the world, and I'm asking myself and the listener, "Have I/we done anything to help out in any way with making this world a better place?" I was inspired to write the song when I was with my co-writer and overheard the news on the TV in the other room and I said out loud, "I wish someone would do something about all of this," and then I took an introspective look at myself and started asking, "Have I done something about this?!"

Hallels: Why did you transition from Christian music to mainstream country music?

I have always played and sang country music from the start, and one of the great things about country music is that there is great faith-based roots in the genre. I have always sung about my faith, and quite a few of my songs have made the cross-over onto the Christian radio waves, which I love.

Hallels: Nevertheless, I believe your Christian faith is still very central to all you do. Tell us more about your faith in Christ. 

My faith continues to grow and get stronger every day. I love the Lord, and will continue to be a follower of Jesus throughout my life. I pray that in all I do in life with music, and in television hosting and acting, and everything, that I can be a light for someone who needs it....a comfort to those in struggling... a shoulder, an ear or helping hand. I will do all that I can do because God asks us to.

Hallels: I believe you are currently working on your new country album. And you have a new single "Power of Garth." Tell us more about this new single. 

This song is such a great "story song" about growing up as a boy listening to Garth's music and watching him impact lives -- young and old - and bearing witness to his music standing the test of time. It's a song that I think many people, especially those who love country music or grew up listening to country music, can relate to.

Hallels: What can we expect from your new album? Who are you currently working with? And when will the album be released? 

We are still putting some finishing touches on the full-length album so I don't have an official release date yet, but am really excited to announce that to my fans when we do. The single will be released in January 2016, and we start the radio tour this August. My record label is Reviver Records, and I'm currently working with Matt McClure as my producer. I'm also really excited that I just signed with a new management company, CTK Management.

Hallels: Also, I have read that you starred in Animal Planet's Last Chance Highway where you've worked to rescue stray dogs and find for them loving homes. Being an animal lover myself, tell us more about your work with these animals. 

It was such a great show to be a part of. We rescued over 160-180 dogs every week and found them new homes. I am also currently the spokesperson for Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet, another great organization that finds foster care and homes for our military servicemen and women's pets when they get deployed.

Hallels: For our readers who would like to find out more about you and your new music, where can they go?

Please go to and make sure you follows us me on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and purchase my music on iTunes.

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