Carman Gives an Update on His Health and New Album

(Photo : Carman)

On February 14, 2013, CCM veteran Carman revealed that he had been diagnosed with myeloma and given a prognosis of only three to four more years to live.  However, by God's grace, Carman was restored to the pink of health.  Even in the middle of the battle he promised fans that he would perform 100 concerts on a special tour. This week he completed the last of the 100 performances, giving the glory to God for the ability to see it through.

Moreover, Carman was planning his new album "The Historry of Worship Part One."  However, on May 27, 2015, Carman announced on his Facebook page that he was shutting down the Kickstarter campaign due to health reasons. Now, the album is back on schedule.  In October, Carman will gather his fans to rally for the album via GoFundMe.

On Social Media, Carman hints that the hymn "The Old Rugged Cross" may be on the new record. ""The Old Rugged Cross" is one of the best old hymns. What is your favorite? Comment back to share and let us know, we want to hear back from as we prepare to launch Carman's new ‪#‎GoFundMe‬ project. "The History of Worship Part 1" on October 1."

"Team work makes the dream work" says the singer. 

"The record companies said 'No', but the people said 'Yes'! You supplied the need through 'Kickstarter' and placed the challenge back in my hands. And with God's help we overproduced a return. You gave more than was asked and we delivered more than was expected," he continued.




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