Bowling Family is Back with "Moments Like These"

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The Bowling Family combines talent and sincerity to create unforgettable concert experiences. Their newest album, "Moments Like These," features ten great new songs. Comprised of Mike Bowling, his wife Kelly (Crabb) Bowling and their daughter, Hope, The Bowling Family bring their stories and songs to life in a way that evokes feelings of days gone by.

The album released via Daywind Records features songs by popular songwriters such as Sue C. Smith, Tony Wood, Kenna West and Marcia Henry. The first radio release from the project, "One Glorious Moment Of Faith" showcases Hope's vocal abilities matched with a powerful lyric. The Bowling Family once again seamlessly blend family harmony with deeply moving and lyrically rich songs to bring listeners to a familiar place of home.

"We are very excited to release this recording with the Bowling Family. They are one of the premier family groups in our industry. 'Moments Like These' delivers great Gospel songs and features Hope Bowling debuting with her family," says Scott Godsey, Vice President at Daywind Records. Join The Bowling Family to both look forward and reminisce on days gone by with the timeless feel of "Moments Like These." 

Track List:

1. Praise God He Is Alive     

2.One Glorious Moment Of Faith    

3. I Was There     

4. Mourning To Dancing     

5. I Believe He's Alive

6. Even When You're Asking Why

7. I've Got My Foot On The Rock

8. God Is Always Good

9. God Likes Working In The Midnight Hour

10. Our First Hallelujah There 

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