Curt Anderson “Every Moment” Album Review

Curt Anderson

Prime Cuts: When It Hurts, Keep It Beating, Love is Rising

Ravishingly melodious: these sun-kissed keys-driven tunes are so good that they are going do their rounds around your heads long after the music stops.  While many contemporary Christian artists are so lethargic that they have relinquished the priority of crafting great tunes in favour of plagiarising the latest beats from Drake and the cliché lyrical platitudes from Hillsong UNITED, this is not the case with Curt Anderson. Every moment on "Every Moment" will get our toes tapping, our heads twirling, and our hearts gobsmacked to Christ.  Flourished with well-crafted tunes with no hint of sloth in the scribal department, Anderson has imbued each tune with crisp electronic percussion balanced with warmer acoustics of the piano sounds.  Curt Anderson has been making music since he could first reach the piano keys. Fast forward a couple decades and he's knocking out hundreds of shows around the world.

"Every Moment" is Anderson's debut record for the faith-stretching Dream Records, which has artists as diverse as veterans such as Jonathan Thulin and Press Play to newbies such as Elliot and We Are Leo.  Matching his imprint's venturesomeness, Anderson stretches the boundaries of pop to include elements of EDM on the infectious lead single "Keep It Beating."  An inspirational number that speaks of how God takes the initiative of healing our brokenness, "Keep It Beating" convalesces us with lots of hope-hued band aids.  While imagery and metaphors are often eschewed in today's CMM's songs, "Love is Rising" is to be applauded for its imaginative use of language: "Faith is a brick wall/Not unbreakable/Hoist up your whitest flag/Put, put down your fists 'cause all these wars you Fight alone, fight alone/Are no match for his love."  Surrender to Christ has not been more eloquently and poetically phrased than this.

"When It Hurts," easily the album's buzz song, shows maturity in Anderson as a writer.  Despite its beats driven melody, the song speaks of an unwavering trust in Christ despite our sufferings.  With finger snaps and the use of fading backings, "Light" is one of those songs that have a way of etching into our memories.  "Love Like You Love" gets Anderson out on the dance floor.  Shimmering with its incessant percussions and some measures of auto-voicing, "Love Like This" speaks on how we need to be more sensitive towards loving others.  The line: "I caught myself missing everything around me/More in tune with the photo on my cell phone..." is most convicting.  

Sophomore single "All of Me" (Featuring KJ-52) delegates Anderson more to doing just the chorus while KJ-52 raps/speaks the verses.  With Anderson only restrained to a section of the song, "All of Me" isn't representative of Anderson's talents.  Much better is the worshipful ballad "Holy" that even includes flourishes of organ chimes. In short, despite his youthfulness, Anderson manifest a spiritual depth that is enrapturing. And his ability to craft melodies that surpass the hands of time is itself worth the price of this download. 



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