Curt Anderson Releases New Song, 'Love Like You Love'

Curt Anderson

Curt Anderson is on a campaign of releasing one song a week leading up to his new album's release.  This week Anderson has released his new song "Love Like You Love" which is now available for purchase.

His new album Every Moment will release on  January 15th on Dream Records. In our review of the record, this is what we said: "Ravishingly melodious: these sun-kissed keys-driven tunes are so good that they are going do their rounds around your heads long after the music stops.  While many contemporary Christian artists are so lethargic that they have relinquished the priority of crafting great tunes in favour of plagiarising the latest beats from Drake and the cliché lyrical platitudes from Hillsong UNITED, this is not the case with Curt Anderson. Every moment on "Every Moment" will get our toes tapping, our heads twirling, and our hearts gobsmacked to Christ.  Flourished with well-crafted tunes with no hint of sloth in the scribal department, Anderson has imbued each tune with crisp electronic percussion balanced with warmer acoustics of the piano sounds."

Curt Anderson has been making music since he could first reach the piano keys. Fast forward a couple decades and he's knocking out hundreds of shows around the world. And while Curt is passionate about music, he's more passionate about people. "I feel like music is the vehicle God has given me to show love to people." Coming from a small Michigan town, it's that "love God, love people" mentality that is the core of Nashville, Tennessee-based Curt Anderson's music. 

Anderson's new single, "Keep It Beating" is rising up the Hot AC / CHR radio chart.

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Here's the official track list: 

1. Keep it Beating

2. Love is Rising

3. Love Like You Love

4. When it Hurts

5. Lights

6. Every Moment

7. Live for More

8. I Won't Run

9. All of Me (feat. KJ-52)

10. For Us

11. Beautiful Life

12. Holy Listen to "All Of Me (feat. KJ-52)": 




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