Tim Rowe Says Christianity is in a Need of a Heart Transplant in His New Book

Tim Rowe

Attorney and author, Tim Rowe, is releasing his new book "The Heart: The Key to Everything in the Christian Life" on May 2. Rowe, who has a Doctorate of Jurisprudence as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies, History and Classics, says this generation of Christians is losing the most fundamental key to living out the faith. He says simply watching Christians during this election cycle is proof of that claim.

"We must glorify God with the emotions, words and actions pouring forth from our hearts," says Rowe. "An angry heart becomes a bitter heart as it builds unbelief in God and His Word. It simply shows a lack of trust in God and an attempt to solve problems by the flesh without the help of God.  As Christians, we can't place our faith in a man to save this country. Only God can bless a nation. Only God can save a nation. We no longer trust God as a nation and we have become angry as a country. But as Christians, we are called to exercise self-control, renew our minds, and not conform to the mold and fashion of this age which is anger against everyone and everything that does not agree with us.  This moment in history is an opportunity for Christians to shine as lights in this dark and twisted world by allowing love, compassion and kindness to radiate from their lives.  But many Christians are doing just the opposite."  

Rowe believes Christians have discarded the importance of the heart because they believe it is beyond redemption.  He says this mindset has come into play with the wrong understanding of Jeremiah  17:9 which says, "The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked." 

"Many people think the heart is a lost cause, and the transformation of the heart is impossible," says Rowe. "This is not true. Why would God tell us to guard the heart, purify the heart, harden not our hearts, love the Lord with all our heart, let the peace of God rule in our hearts, sanctify the Lord in our hearts, strengthen our hearts, to have a noble and good heart, and walk with perfect hearts, if the heart is a lost cause and hopelessly wicked?"
Rowe's book is an in-depth study that includes identifying the three gateways to the heart: the eyes, the ears, and the thoughts. Over 150 pages of the book are spent dissecting Jesus' Parable of the Sower and the Seed, which Rowe says is rich in understanding of how the heart can be corrupted. Rowe breaks down each of the four soils that Jesus describes, and sheds light on those conditions in modern-day terms.

"What happens to the seed of the Word of God when it is sown in the heart is the most critical event we will ever face in life. It has eternal implications. I believe this book sets forth one of the most enlightening studies of this parable with great gems of truth like the five thorns that Jesus sets forth that choke the Word of God from the heart.  Before Jesus taught the Parable he said 'listen!' and 'behold!' which shows that He is commanding the undivided attention of our ears and eyes when we study it."

Rowe has practiced law for over 31 years.  He was host of the television show, Faith and the Law, which aired on Lesea Network.  Rowe's first book was entitled "The Magnificent Goodness of God and How it will Transform your Life." Rowe is president of Goodness of God Ministries which offers free devotionals and other resources in both English and Spanish. One of the missions of Goodness of God Ministries is to supply Bible instruction, English lessons and food to the needy, the poor and the children in Esmeraldas, Isla Luis Vargas Torres in northwest Ecuador.

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