Todd Dulaney Releases "A Worshipper's Heart"

Todd Dulaney

Hit recording artist, songwriter, producer and worship leader Todd Dulaney has launched the worldwide release for his much-anticipated sophomore album A Worshipper's Heart, revealing the album cover, track listing, and the new song "Victory Belongs To Jesus." The album is now available now on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.  Calling a worshipper's heart, "a heart that thirsts for any and every opportunity to be in the presence of God Almighty," Todd Dulaney's aptly-titled album captures a transcendent live worship experience, unifying listeners under God's powerful love and guidance, from the album's live recording in Naperville, IL.

Scheduled for release on Friday April 15, 2016, Dulaney adds, "This album being released is one of the greatest faith victories I've ever experienced. I trusted that God would give me a chance to sing for Him, and He has."  Featuring 15 tracks, A Worshipper's Heart includes the triumphant "Victory Belongs To Jesus," and Top 10 hit gospel single "The Anthem" (from Planetshakers), praising God's power, loving sacrifice, and unifying kinship under faith, as well as "Higher," "Free Worshipper," "Fall On Us," "Put the Attention on Jesus," and more.

A Worshipper's Heart album Track Listing:

  1. "Intro" (feat. Smokie Norful)
  2. "Dance In The Rain"
  3. "Free Worshipper"
  4. "The Anthem"
  5. "You Are Everything"
  6. "Fall On Us"
  7. "Greater"
  8. "Unchurched"
  9. "Victory Belongs To Jesus"
  10. "Victory Belongs To Jesus (Reprise)"
  11. "Put the Attention On Jesus"
  12. "Worship You Forever"
  13. "Worship You Forever Extended (Consuming Fire Flow)"
  14. "Worship You Forever (Holy Ghost Fire)"
  15. "Higher"


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