Craig Campbell Sings About Heaven with New Single

Craig Campbell

It's not unusual that country music artists will cut songs with Christian themes. Randy Travis scored a #1 with "Three Wooden Crosses," Carrie Underwood had a gold single with "Something in the Water" and her debut country single "Jesus Take the Wheel" was a smash hit.  Now, Craig Campbell has released a new song about heaven. "Outskirts of Heaven" is the latest single from the country singer 

"I was laying in bed, thinking about heaven one night," Campbell tells Rolling Stone Country about the evening he came up with the idea for "Outskirts of Heaven." "What I have been taught about heaven is all pearly gates and golden streets - very big-city. And it hit me that that is the absolute opposite of where I grew up. So I had this idea to write a song about how, maybe, when I get to heaven I want to live in the outskirts, and how I can write this song as a request to the good lord. Maybe he'll set aside me a few acres on the outside of town for me."

Written with Dave Turnbull, "Outskirts of Heaven" is the first single from Campbell's new album with Red Bow Records. The song follows 2015's "Tomorrow, Tonight." Known for his traditional songs, Campbell is proud of his country roots. 

"I've never been un-pleased with it," he says. "There are a lot of people upset with what's on the radio, with everybody using the same ideas, but I feel like that's what makes our genre great - nobody has defined or can define it. Though I do get particularly fired up when I hear somebody on the radio who leans more traditional, like Chris Stapleton or Mo Pitney."




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