Cana's Voice: How Three Powerful Gospel Singers Came Together to Form This New & Successful Trio

Cana's voice

Cana's Voice debut album, This Changes Everything, debuted at No. 1 on iTunes Christian/Gospel Chart and remained there for three straight days. This Changes Everything is one of the highly anticipated projects of this year and the strong debuts support that excitement. Cana's Voice combines the powerful vocals of three outstanding artists, Jody McBrayer, TaRanda Greene and Doug Anderson.  We are honored to catch up with Jody McBrayer for this exclusive interview.

Q:  Congratulations on the success of "This Changes Everything."  The album was No.1 for 3 days on iTunes Christian & Gospel Albums Chart and now a 2-week No. 1 at Soundscan.  How does this make you feel?

It's an extremely encouraging feeling to know that all of our hard work, time and effort is reaching so many people. 

Q:  How would you wish this new album would impact your fans spiritually? 

We have truly poured our hearts into this project. We just hope that God is genuinely using this album to bring about positive change in people. To be honest, making the record and singing these songs encourages us. Seldom do we sing "I Won't Go Back" or "Jesus Never Fails" where one of us isn't moved to tears. 

Q:  Each of you has a successful career individually, so why did the three of you decide to come together to form Cana's Voice?

There's power in numbers. Seriously, while we all enjoy doing our own thing, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we miss being together when we're apart. We lean on each other, we laugh with (and at) each other and we use our combined experiences to make the music matter even more. We're just better together. 

Q:  What were some of the highlights in the making of this record?

The studio experience is different for all three of us. TaRanda never sings out of tune...even when she's crying. Which she did...a lot. Especially while recording the lead to "The Same Hands." But, it's that kind of heart and reality that makes it even more special. Most people know Doug as a stellar baritone, but he pushed himself way beyond his comfort zone and was even, at times, singing notes higher than mine. The studio brought out just how dynamic his range really is. For me personally, the studio is a struggle. I need someone to communicate to, so singing to a wall and a standing microphone is difficult for me. However, singing with these two is always a highlight and I'm so grateful. 

Q:  With the different backgrounds, styles and preferences, how did you manage to choose the songs for this record? Was it difficult to come to a consensus?

We sat on the bus one afternoon and played writers demos and songs that have inspired us in the past. To be honest, we didn't have a difficult time at all coming to a consensus. Usually, if one of us wasn't feeling a song we all would pass on it. It had to be a mutual decision.

Q:  I love the originals as well as the covers on the record.  Why did you choose to cover Cece Winans' "Heavenly Father"?

Well, first because it's an amazing song, and secondly because we all really loved it. I think every artist struggles with finding up tempo songs for their concert or record. There's always a plethora of ballads to choose from but not a lot of up beat songs. "Heavenly Father" just felt right, and it's a great record opener.

Q:   I believe you will be starting your debut tour soon.  What can fans expect when they come to see you?  And where can they find out about your touring info?

They can go to our website, and find dates and information there. As far as what to expect, being on tour gives us an opportunity to not only share our music but also our hearts and testimonies as well. Hopefully, people will come and feel encouraged by what they hear. 



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