Greg Sykes “Reverse” EP Review

Greg Sykes

Prime Cuts:  Just the Beginning, Reverse, Impossible 

Overall Score: 4/5

Ardent fans of worship music would have been impressed by the name Greg Sykes.  In our age of individualism where the "self" is prime, we have often shielded ourselves from the persecuted church.  But not Sykes.  With his song "We Are One" (taken from the compilation disc My Name is N), he unites the church together in calling on the name of Jesus. This song is as powerful as the prayer as the early church prayed when they were first persecuted in Acts 4.  Now, Sykes is finally back with his own EP released via Integrity Music. 

Tutored under Paul Baloche and inspired by Michael W. Smith, Sykes sings with a similar Godly passion undergirding his booming and expressive tenor.  Produced by Seth Mosley (for KING & COUNTRY, High Valley) and Bryan Fowler (TobyMac, Hollyn), "Reverse" features a mere 5 tracks, all of which are co-authored by Sykes.  If you think that modern worship music has been devoid of sturdy melodies, "Just the Beginning" will reinstate your faith again.  "Just the Beginning" is so catchy that you can't help but sing along even before the song ends.  Comparing our lives like an open book, Sykes sings of how God interweaves each page with his truth and redemption.

"Reverse" is prided on the fact that it is solidly grounded in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. With its elongated electric drum beats and grinding guitars, Sykes reminds us that God often uses our setbacks and disappointments for His glory and for our good. "All I Need to Know" and "Need You Now" showcase Sykes' mettle as a balladeer.  Though both tilt towards the individualistic side rather than opportuning the church collective to worship, they are still powerful expressions of worship.  

Stamped with his own heart all across, "Impossible" is Sykes' own testimony captured within 3 minutes and 23 seconds.  Growing up in a divorced family home where he struggled with insecurity, the loss of his voice, and the precipitation in his own marriage, "Impossible" is a heartfelt affirmation that "Nothing is unreachable/Beyond all hope/No heart's too far gone/Nothing is impossible." With such Godliness on display, how can we not say, "Amen"?


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