Abu Atallah and Kent A. Van Til Shows How One Muslim's Faith Journey Opens the Way for Others with New Book


"If I were to become a Christian, it would mean not only changing my religion but changing my whole identity and bringing shame upon my family. My whole family is Muslim, and my society and culture were Muslim. . . . Changing from Islam to Christianity would mess up my life forever."

So writes Abu Atallah, who grew up in Cairo as an ordinary Egyptian Muslim. He was deeply embedded in his family, religion, and country. For a time he was part of the Muslim Brotherhood. But as he came of age, he began to encounter people who followed a different way, who called themselves Christians. And a radically new life became possible-at great cost and risk, yet with great joy.

From Cairo to Christ is the remarkable story of how one Muslim man was drawn to the Christian faith, and how he later became an ambassador for Christ with a ministry in the Muslim world. Atallah has personally helped hundreds of Muslims come to Christ.

This narrative sheds light on Islamic cultural dynamics and what Westerners should know about Muslim contexts. Despite the challenges facing believers from Muslim backgrounds, God is bringing surprising numbers of Muslims to Christ. Discover how the good news of Jesus transforms lives in Muslim communities around the world.


"From Cairo to Christ explores the difficulties Muslim converts face as they convert to Christ. Author Abu Atallah is an Egyptian who writes as an insider who became a believer decades ago. Those unacquainted with Islamic beliefs and practices will appreciate this easy-to-read primer."

Phil Parshall, SIM USA, author of The Cross and the Crescent

"This book offers a uniquely personal account of the complex and challenging journey of many who convert from Islam to Christianity. The story of Abu 'Stephen' Atallah-told with the help of his friend and coauthor Kent Van Til-is especially timely as the West struggles to meet the needs of massive numbers of Arab refugees fleeing chaos and civil war in their home countries. The authors see this humanitarian crisis as an opportunity for Christians to share the love of Christ."

John C. Knapp, president and professor, Hope College

"Abu Atallah is the real thing. I know because I am his colleague in the greatest rescue operation of our day: introducing 1.7 billion Muslims to the Savior. He could easily obtain an enviable position as a senior pastor in an American church, but like very few other Muslim-background believers, he and his dear wife have given themselves day and night to rescuing those who would like to assassinate him. This very humble, grateful account of his story is so real it's difficult to put down."

Greg Livingstone, founder, Frontiers, senior associate, World Outreach of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church

"Your heart will be stirred as Abu recounts the journey that he has been on, both prior to knowing Jesus personally and then as a fully devoted follower of Christ. His life and testimony have richly blessed my own walk with Christ. This book will cause you to consider your own commitment to the cause of Christ."

Dave Gibson, pastor of missions and evangelism, Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

"This book is a must-read for anyone involved with Muslims and Muslim-background believers in the United States or overseas. The authors speak authentically, honestly, and truthfully. Through their words, you'll come to a deeper understanding of the culture and religious perspectives of Arab Muslims and the heart-level experiences of individuals as their faith journeys intersect with Christ and with our Western secular and Christian cultures."

Kate McCord, author of In the Land of Blue Burqas 


Abu Atallah is the founder and CEO of European Training Centre and a pastor, professor, and missionary with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. He was born and raised in Egypt, and after his conversion was involved with Campus Crusade at Cairo University. In 1979 he came to the United States, where he attended the Urbana missions conference and heard God's call to minister to his people.

Atallah founded the Arab American Friendship Center in Dearborn, Michigan, and was a consultant and trainer for Arab World Ministries in London and across Europe. He has ministered in fifty-six countries on six continents. He has a master of divinity from Calvin Theological Seminary and a doctorate of theology from Providence College and Seminary.





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