French Worship Leader Matt Marvane Talks About Working with Paul Baloche, Graham Kendrick, and His English EP

Matt Marvane

French singer, songwriter, worship leader and mainstream crossover artist Matt Marvane has released his first ever EP in English entitled; 'Resistance The English EP'. On this EP he skillfully combines amazing vocal performance & choral overtones with a modern production style. Marvane has also enlisted legendary songwriters and worship leaders Graham Kendrick and Paul Baloche to write these songs with him.  

Q:  Being the son of a pastor, did your dad influence you in terms of your understanding of worship and songwriting?

My Dad inspired me to live as a Christian. He helped me understanding the meaning of serving and loving the community. So I trust it gave me inspiration to write songs for my church. 

Q:  Besides being a pastor and leading worship, you also have recorded secular music.  Tell us about the two sides of your career. 

Recording in secular music was a total surprise for me. I never thought it will come as I never considered myself as an artist but more like a guy worshipping with people. It was an opportunity, I took it and I learned so much and I still do today even though I do less in secular now. But it's always a great joy to be outside the wall of the church to connect with people singing about love, hope and Jesus. 

Q:  How would you describe your style of worship music?

I really don't know... I can tell you what I like... Vocals, harmonies, keyboards, acoustic guitar... keep it simple and accessible.  

Q:  In 2015 you were signed to Integrity Europe, how did that happened?

I wrote a song called "Heavenly Father" and I asked my friend Paul Baloche to sing on it. Integrity got to listen to it (Thank you Paul) and the liked the song... everything started with this song.  

Q:  I believe you have released three records with Integrity Europe, and currently you have just released the English version of "Resistance."  Why did you entitle the record "Resistance"?

I just released one record called "Resistance." I chose that name as an introduction to the worship and prayer movement we are leading my wife and I. Grace is the ability to resist against anything outside the will of God. It's a time where we need to resist as the christian faith is challenged like never before. Worship and prayer are the powerful tools that God gave us to stay connected with him. We trust it's a time not to seek an atmosphere but to change the atmosphere but worshipping and praying together with one heart and one faith.  

Q:  On this new EP, you got to write with Paul Baloche.  Tell us more about Paul: how did you meet him?  What was it like writing with him?

I met Paul 6 years ago as I opened a concert night for him in France. We kept in touch and Paul came few times in france to tour together with some other friends from france. Writing with him was a great experience. He belongs to this small category of people who know how to express things in an simple way. It was a learning experience and I wish more will come. 

Q:  "Jesus Is," one of the new songs on the EP, you co-wrote with Graham Kendrick.  The song is quite unusual in the sense that it has three verses without a chorus.  But it's such a powerful song that addresses the Trinity.  Tell us more about how the song came about and your thoughts on it.

I wanted to write a Hymn on my last record. The main subject was Jesus is the perfect example. We alI for examples, inspirations and sometimes it's good to just look at Jesus as the best example. I was on tour in France with Graham at that time and I asked if he would be ok to write it with me. Graham has so much experience and specially in this type of song... I knew he was the good man to write with... What a privilege again to learn from him... 

Q:  Many of our readers are from the US, so will be releasing a full-length English album in the US soon? 

Why not...but you have some many artists in the us as well... but who knows ?Maybe there is a small place for a french one...  

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