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The Rock Music

The Rock Music is an independent movement of musicworking as a collaboration of musicians who are dedicated to writing, recording and performing relevant Christ-centered music without compromise. On March 18, the Rock Music will be releasing their new Dream Worship album Your Love Remains.

The Rock Music is rooted in the local church where we see it as our vision to Love God, Bless the Saints, and Win the lost. In order to accomplish our mission and vision, each musician strives for a consistent and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, loves, values, and serves the local church body, and engages the lost community through concerts, outreach, worship events, albums, and art.

Q: Thanks for doing this interview with us. Who is the Rock Music? Who are the key worship leaders and songwriters of the team?

Thanks for doing the interview. We're excited to chat with you.

The Rock Music is the worship leading/music ministry based within The Rock Church in Utah. We are a collaboration of musicians who are dedicated to writing, recording and performing relevant Christ-centered music without compromise. With Christ as our anchor, each musician subscribes to the following mission statement:

"I have been put on the earth to touch the world for God through music and to be a part of the best bands in the world known for loving Jesus Christ."

The Rock Music is rooted in the local church where we see it as our vision to Love God, Bless the Saints, and Win the lost.

We have several amazing writers and musicians within The Rock Music. For this particular album the key writers and musicians were:

Steele Croswhite

Randal Topper

Joseph Young

Tom Scribner

Kim Croswhite

Q: Were you happy with the way your debut full- length album turned out?

We were tremendously blessed by how "Awakened By Hope" was received. We loved working with The DREAM team and Capitol Christian. We continue to hear from folks how often they relate to those songs, or how it continues to bless them. Super humbled by that

Q: You have also been very busy because not too long after your debut album, you released a hymns EP. Why was it important to revisit the old hymns?

YEAH! That was tons of fun. "All Creatures" is our nod to a rootsy front porch stomp sing a long.

There is an amazingly talented family in our church who all played together on that record. As a family they felt drawn to both the acoustic flavor musically, and the tremendous truths those hymns provided. It came together to make a unique release for us.

Inside of The Rock Music, we have a lot of variety musically. Its encouraging to have an opportunity to share the different styles with the world.

Q: Now, you are following that up with "Your Love Remains." Did you approach this album any differently compared to the previous two releases?

Very differently. For us, we had a heart to write songs that were easy to sing in a corporate worship setting, and that musically felt like "Dreams and Stars". We also really wanted the album to feel like a cohesive work that is to be received as a full work! In other words, from beginning to end, we wanted the album to feel like a worship experience, and one you could picture having both as a single worshipper, but also in a corporate setting.

By God's grace, I think we hit that.

Q: What is your vision for this record? How do you wish this album would impact the lives of your listeners?

We are praying that God uses this album in a mighty way to highlight His glory in passion and in humility.

We also hope to be one of many who come along side our brothers and sisters in the industry to proclaim together: "God is amazing-Lets sing about Him!"

Lastly, one focus of the Rock Music is the importance of the local church. Our prayer is that people would see an amazing God through amazing music, specific to a local church. NOT our church necessarily, but ANY local Church. We find that the role of the local church in the life of the believer is paramount to a healthy relationship with Jesus. Hopefully The Rock Music spreads the message that music can be great in a local church, and YOU should jump into an awesome church near you!

Q: What I love about the songs is that they are simple yet they are so God focused. What do you look out for when you are choosing your songs?

This sentence made me smile. You hit it out of the park! For the most part on this record, we wanted the songs to be easy to sing. Really easy. One of my favorite songs is the tried and true: "I love You Lord." It's so sing-able, but so God focused.

OUR hope on this album is that the music would highlight the sing ability. We are praying that God does just that.

Recording the album was uniquely tricky for this because we have tremendous musicians who can do so much with their instruments. We would listen to a version and say: "Its too complicated musically, make it easier to approach with the singing." It was hard for so many of us because we knew we could "do more" on our instrument, but it was AMAZING because we intentionally held back.

We think this helped us hit our goal of songs that are God focused, simple, and easy to sing.

Q: If you have to choose two songs off the new record that sum up the vision of the team, what would they be? And why?

Your Love Remains and Cry Out.

Your Love remains is the most lyrically robust song on the album, it highlights the remaining love of God despite any circumstance, sin, or emotion. This song is the cornerstone of how we feel about what God has done in our lives.

Cry out because it highlights the mercy and compassion and forgiveness and glory of God and our corporate response to "Cry Out Jesus - You are good".

Q: Being part of a worship team, can you recount a time where you have experienced God in a powerful way in worship? Tell us about it.

I feel like God's power shows up every time we worship in special ways. BUT, one specific moment was recent.

While playing one of our other songs off of the new record: "Open our eyes" in Church I noticed the longing in peoples urgency to sing such words... "Open our eyes to see Jesus."

It was less how WE felt, and more about what we saw in how THEY felt. It was amazing to feel as if we had somehow tapped into the prayer of so many!




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