Katie M. Reid Brings Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done in New Book

Katie M. Reid

 It would be difficult to find an American Christian woman who has not struggled to be more like Mary, the Christ-follower who sat at Jesus's feet while her overworked sister, Martha, labored in the kitchen. This often quoted biblical story from Luke 10 seems to suggest that wanting to serve, achieve, and accomplish things as Martha did was wrong.
As a modern-day Martha herself, blogger and author Katie M. Reid asks in her new book, Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done (WaterBrook, July 10, 2018), "What if there is nothing wrong with being a Martha after all? What if God simply wants us to live out who He created us to be-from a place of settledness rather than striving?" 
Reid draws on biblical examples and contemporary stories to remind women that they are beloved daughters of God, not because of what they do or don't do, but because of what Jesus has done for them.
As Reid points out, the story of Mary and Martha has become twisted over the decades, causing many women to try to change who they are rather than to use their gifts in light of God's love. In Made Like Martha, Reid challenges readers to look more deeply at the story so they can receive true change in their heart even as they serve and work as the doers God created them to be.  
"For decades, I lived with the knowledge of being saved by grace but I acted like I had to keep God happy through exemplary behavior," writes Reid. "I felt compelled to do more for God, wearing myself out, even as I felt guilty for being more like Martha than Mary. Then I realized that through my acceptance of Jesus's work on the cross, I already was in right standing with Him."
"In light of this revelation, I moved from having a hired help mentality to enjoying a beloved daughter's reality. Made Like Martha was birthed from that place. It is my desire that the reader will be freed to rest spiritually as she serves confidently, secure in her position in the Father's heart."
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