'Goonies 2' Movie Sequel Rumors with Original Cast and Steven Spielberg Directing In the Works [PICTURE]

Goonies original Cast
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'Goonies 2' Movie Sequel Rumors with Original Cast and Steven Spielberg Directing In the Works

Doesn't everyone love a good 1980's cult classic movie? Well, The Goonies movie came out almost 30 years ago and news of a sequel is in the works. Film director Richard Donner has confirmed that a follow-up to his 1985 adventure classic will be happening and the storyline will be written by Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg, who co-wrote the script for the original movie. 

The movie will feature the same cast and be set 30 years later to current times. Original cast members Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman and Martha Plimpton have all shown interest in being apart of the new movie (see picture above of original cast today). Josh Brolin previously revealed in 2012 he has talked to Spielberg about appearing in a sequel. He said: "I talked to Spielberg recently about doing a sequel to it, It's been talked about though for 28 years, so I don't know if it's ever going to happen."

"Of course (Spielberg) is involved," Donner told TMZ. "Hopefully we're gonna get this done, Steven loves it, he came up with the idea of doing the sequel. "It was his idea, we couldn't do it without him, we've been trying for a long time...and then he came up with another storyline and he's right on."

Sean Astin, who starred in Lord Of The Rings said previously, "They'll do it for sure - no question about it. I think they would like to do it with all of us, and maybe they will, but they're trying to crack the code, you know?"

The Goonies followed a gang of outsiders from an Oregon neighbourhood called Goon Docks. When their homes come under threat of demolition, they find an ancient map and embark on a treasure hunt. It was a movie that anyone over 25 has probably seen at least 20 times. Will the remake be a disaster? Probably, but it's excited to see the original cast back together. 



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