Story Behind Josh Saunders' Funky New Song 'Step Out (When I Cried Out)'

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Prepare yourself for something altogether groovy with Josh Saunders' debut release with Homegrown Worship. 'Step Out (When I Cried Out)' is full of wah-wah guitars, sliding synths, retro sine-waves and reminiscent sunny drives down Baltimore roads in the 1980's with the top down. There are sprinklings of classic Qunicy Jones magic with dustings from contemporaries such as M83 and Phoenix.

And all of this captured in a worship song! Definitely not repeating an old standard - Josh Saunders draws from his influences and makes it his own. If 'Step Out (When I Cried Out)' is anything to go by, there's a promising future ahead for this young worship leader and songwriter from London, UK. 

Saunders shares the story behind the song:

"I wrote this song on the back of our church theme and verse a couple of years ago. That year we were focussing on the passage in Matthew 14 where Peter steps out of the boat on the Sea of Galilee to walk towards Jesus. The recurring theme was what it means to step 'out of the boat' in our faith, in our worship and in prayer.

I wanted to write a song declaring, as a congregation, that we wanted to step out in our faith and be more courageous in our Christian walk. This is what is reflected in the chorus and bridge.

I also wanted to draw out that we still need a reliance on Jesus and I felt the song should acknowledge that we cannot step out on our own. Instead, we can only do this when our eyes are fixed on Jesus; trusting Him to lift us up from the troubles and doubts that drag us down. To this end, I found Psalm 138 such a blessing as a reminder of God's goodness to the faithful. You may notice some of these truths woven into the verses.

My hope and prayer is that others may be encouraged by this song, despite troubles they may be facing. And also - as a call to action - step out in their faith in some way. This obviously all in addition to enjoying the funky guitar sounds and 80s synths!"

Josh Saunders is a London-based artist and worship leader with a desire to write music about Jesus that encourages, comforts and testifies. Josh strives to write songs which are melodically, rhythmically and harmonically appealing with lyrical themes that speak of faith, emotion and biblical truths.

Josh has been singing, songwriting and playing guitar for many years, but 2019 sees the release of his debut single, 'Step Out (When I Cried Out)'. And with more music to follow throughout 2019 and 2020, Josh is an artist you will want to keep tabs on! 








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