Listen to the Light Room's EDM-Infused New Single "Strength Inside" Here

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The Light Room, which comprises of Swansea based duo Camille Meskill and Josh Payne, has just released their EDM-infused new single "Strength Inside" via Homegrown Worship. Pulsating beats, cavernous pianos, beautiful textures or blend together to create a tapestry of sound in keeping with music to grace dancefloors and clubs across the globe.  

Camile Meskill says, "I wanted to do a song about strength because ever since I was a young girl I have always had the strength inside to get through even the most hardest and darkest times.

Especially, over the last 2 years, God has really opened my eyes and showed me that he has always been right there with me and it is through our Lord Jesus Christ that we have the power to get through our toughest season. 

Strength Inside is about the light that he opens our eyes too, the truth and light inside us that has the power to conquer all things, to set us free. It is the Lord that has always given me that unexplainable strength and I am so thankful that he will forever be my rock."

You're the strength inside/Through my darkest nights God, Your holy fire/Brings me back to life/ You're the hope I need/Every breath I breathe I have been set free You're the light in me 

Camille is a singer from Swansea, she is planted at King's Church where she is worship leader. Camille grew up singing in church then moved into musical theatre before deciding to pursue other goals. Camille returned to singing 3 years ago and found her passion in Christian music. 



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