Katy Perry Is Being Sued by Christian Rappers Lecrae, Flame and John Reilly

Katy Perry
(Photo : Katy Perry)

Katy Perry is being sued by Christian rappers Lecrae, Flame and John Reilly for plagiarising her hit "Dark Horse" from their 2009 song "Joyful Noise."

"Dark Horse" which features rapper Juicy J was released on September 17, 2013 by Capitol Records as the first promotional single to Perry's fourth album "Prism."  Cho'zyn Boy, the producer of the song "Joyful Noise", which features Lecrae and John Reilly, explained that Perry's song is essentially the same as "Joyful Noise", only ten BPM slower in tempo and one octave higher in pitch. In addition to the infringement claims, the suit claims that "by any measure, the devoutly religious message of 'Joyful Noise' has been irreparably tarnished by its association with the witchcraft, paganism, black magic, and Illuminati imagery evoked by the same music in 'Dark Horse'".

Ironically, Katy Perry started out as a Christian artist when she released a Gospel album entitled "Katy Hudson" on March 6, 2001.  Also, this is also the second time Perry's album Prism has spawned a single with a similar sound to an existing song. First single Roar appeared to be influenced by the Sara Bareilles song "Brave." Not only did Bareilles have no problem with the nod to her song, ironically after Roar's success "Brave" belatedly became a hit, also helped by use in a TV commercial.

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