Updates on Hillsong Worship Leader Chelsea Lee Taylor's Recovery from Brain Aneurysm

Chelsea Taylor

Chelsea Lee Taylor, a worship leader at Hillsong church's main campus in Sydney, has been given the "all clear" from doctors after being hospitalized following a brain aneurysm. Her mother, in an Instagram, confirms Taylor's progressing recovery. "NO MORE SURGERIES... CHELSE GOT THE ALL CLEAR FROM THE SURGEON TODAY.... Praise our wonderful God," 

Emma Fellers, creative administrator at Hillsong Church, shares more updates about Taylor's condition: "Three weeks since the aneurysm - It's tiring and she just wants to go home... Chelsea has been able to be more active again, like doing trips to the bathroom, which is great!"

"The docs have also finished all the strong medications, so it looks like she may go to High Dependancy Unit soon! She is still continuing with antibiotics but hopefully not for too much longer."

Taylor, a member of the worship team at the Hills campus based in Sydney, Australia, suffered the aneurysm in August shortly after a Sunday worship service. In a statement posted to Instagram, Hillsong described Taylor as "a worshiper, a lover of Jesus and one of the purest hearts ever." 

Fellers continues: "So you know those kind of friends that are just so annoyingly (but wonderfully!) optimistic and faith-filled that even in their own trials you leave a conversation feeling more uplifted than before you saw them? Yep. That's Chels. Every time all my life for as long as I've known her.

"I finally got to go and see her today in the High Dependancy Unit (where she was moved to earlier this week) for the first time since this all happened, and let me tell you - there is NOTHING keeping this girl down! Her sense of humour hasn't changed one bit, her speech is perfect, almost as though nothing has happened, she can get up and move around (with a bit of help from nurses) and pull off cables and blood pressure cuffs when she's not supposed to, just so she can use a bathroom again lol (no more catheter, can we PLEASE have a praise break )."

She continues: "...she (Taylor) continues to spout wisdom, encouragement, kindness to literally everyone - friend or stranger - and the many lessons she's learn't and is still learning from all of this. 1.5hrs was NOT enough, but you know, rest is kind of important and all that. This girl is on fire and you better watch out enemy, you messed with the WRONG WOMAN!!! KEEP PRAYING!!!!"

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