Nick Brinner Releases "Presence" with Homgrown Worship


Worship leader Nick Brinner releases his brand new single "Presence" his fourth release with Homgrown Worship. The song captures everything you've come to know and love about the songs he has shared with Homegrown Worship.

His voice oozes with guitar pop creaminess, the guitars are crunchier than crisp leaves on an autumn day, and the drums are large like reverberating sounds around the skyscrapers of New York. "Presence" is every bit as radio-friendly as you've come to expect from Nick: catchy melodies, punchy hooks, and memorable lyrics. 

Nick Brinner is a worship leader and singer/songwriter from Washington DC. He began leading songs in an old Baptist church over 10 years ago with his trusty guitar next to the church organist - 'I'm sure we've all been somewhere like this in our journey', says Nick.

These days, he serves at Hillsong London. Nick has had the privilege of leading people in worship across the UK, Ireland, India, Wembley Arena and over the radio.

He is passionate about leading people into the presence of God through worship and singing songs that connect to the promises of God through His Word, focusing on the promises of God and our identity in Jesus Christ. 

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