InSalvation Releases New Single 'Let The Heavens Be Open'


Dutch Worship Band InSalvation releases second single from their upcoming album Exodus. 'Let The Heavens Be Open' available today. The song is a prayer of longing; a desire for the Holy Spirit that is universally shared by Christians. It is a desire that was at the root of InSalvation's song 'Fill This House With Your Glory', which led to the current 'Presence Tour' in the band's native Netherlands. The release of 'Let the Heavens Be Open' is even more special for the band with guest vocalist Leeland Mooring. 

"'Let the Heavens Be Open' can be everyone's prayer, whatever your background" says Jafeth Bekx of InSalvation. "We see an ever greater hunger for the Holy Spirit wherever we go, including in more traditional communities and churches. The first night of the 'Presence' tour in Gouda was very special. People lifted their voices and longings up as one. 'Let the Heavens Be Open' expresses that longing with fresh words." 

The song was birthed out of a spontaneous moment of worship as Jafeth was sitting at his piano. It turned out to be a prayer that was shared by the whole band as they started writing for their new album 'Exodus', which will be released early 2020. 

"I believe the prayer of this song is as Isaiah said" says Jafeth. "That God would open the heavens pour His Spirit out on us, letting His Strength become visible in our lives."

Leeland Mooring, lead singer of the worship band Leeland, is guest vocalist on 'Let the Heavens Be Open'. "We've known each other since a shared tour in 2012" says Jafeth. "We kept in touch and with both of us becoming part of the Integrity family, this was an easy decision. Leeland is an inspiration to us as a band. We love his music and especially his expression of worship. It is pure, authentic, so very passionate for God. It permeates everything he does." 

'Let the Heavens Be Open' is available on digital platforms everywhere. InSalvation's new album 'EXODUS' releases February 7, 2020. 
InSalvation (founded in 2006) has become a solid part of the Christian worship landscape in the Netherlands. It is more than a passionate worship band: it is a motor of a movement with a heart for worship and justice. InSalvation longs to worship God collectively, they long to celebrate His presence, and go back into the world completely changed. 

The energetic pop and rock band is known for songs like 'Fill This House with Your Glory', 'Neon', 'Power in the Blood' and 'God Who Saves'. The band regularly plays at different Christian (music) festivals, such as Opwekking. In addition, the band is internationally oriented with a strong missionary focus on Europe. The band has played in Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and Romania, among others. The band understands worship transcends language and culture. InSalvation has released three albums so far: 'Passionate Worship' (2011), 'God Is' (2013) and 'Neon' (2017).

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The official music video! Featuring Leeland Mooring.

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