Poor Bishop Hooper Plans to Release A Song for Every Psalm, Released Weekly for 150 Weeks

 Poor Bishop Hooper

Starting from 1st January 2020 until November 2022, Poor Bishop Hooper will release one song based on the Psalms each week.  This means every week, they will release a new song from the Psalter, one psalm at a time. That's 150 songs, released one per week, for three years. 

EveryPsalm is a three-year long musical journey through the book of Psalms. Every Wednesday, they will release a simple, meditative song based on a psalm. Starting with Psalm 1 and ending at Psalm 150. All songs are FREE to listen, download, or stream. Accompanying the musical works are seven original copper etchings by Lauren Stevens. Each piece of visual art portrays one of the seven categories in which the psalms are divided.

Poor Bishop Hooper is Jesse and Leah Roberts. Both hailing from small towns in central Kansas, they began writing, recording, and performing together after our marriage in 2013. What began as a duo, weaving together a patchwork of melodies atop an upright bass and a guitar, has since blossomed into numerous, multi-faceted expressions of the technicolor story we call life. Though they still often perform classic covers and simple tunes in simple places, they have been blessed to develop a vibrant musical ministry - ranging from full band, heavy mood moments like that in The Golgotha Experience, to string and vocal laden scores like that in Firstborn.  

But why the Psalms? This is what the duo say:  "The Psalter speaks to the entirety of the human experience. Its 150 different works, written by dozens of authors, embody the technicolor spectrum of life - from feelings of triumph to utter loss, from sweet communion with God to loneliness and abandonment. Few texts wield such a wide range of direction and influence, and possibly no others do so with such accuracy, empathy, and strength. The poetic nature of the Psalms' creation lays the groundwork for its captivating beauty.

Our goal in this project, (like many of our others) is to help listeners engage with the scriptures in new ways, and to bring God's relevant and applicable word to both the normal and extraordinary times of life. In our experience, when we dwell on the truths of the Psalms, rest comes to sleepless nights, encouragement is born in times of failure, and ways appear where there seem to be none. We hope people will be able to realize and experience God's faithfulness in abundance, come into closer relationship with him, and maybe even commit some scripture to memory along the way."

To listen to these psalms each week starting in the new year, click here.



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