Lauren Daigle Raises $270,000 for Struggling Children

lauren daigle

Grammy award winner Lauren Daigle has raised $270,000 for children in need. The singer, raised over a quarter of a million dollars for children in need living in New Orleans this year through her foundation, the Price Fund. The Price Fund was founded in 2018 for people in need all over the world. 

Daigle has been known to be charitable to those in need, especially these past few weeks. She recently performed in a maximum-security prison where she raised $17,000 for the prisoners to connect with their families. 

According to an Instagram post by the musician, she wanted to raise funds for the children of New Orleans after meeting an inmate in the prison who told her to "start with the youth" as a way to keep people out of the prison system. 

Daigle also seems to have plans to continue her charitable ways in the future. In her latest Instagram post, she says, "if we start in one city, maybe we can take on a state, maybe we can take on a nation, maybe we can take on the world."




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