Adam LaVerdiere Drops Solo Debut Album "This is Revival"

Adam LaVerdiere

It's like seeing in color for the first time or having your heart start to beat again. It's death to life, living in the Light that we've been called to. "This Is Revival" is the first solo project by Adam LaVerdiere, and it's intended to awaken the Church and believers everywhere, to begin living life in the way that God created us to. Revival is the heart of God, seeing His people return to Him, crossing from death to life. It's time the Church recognizes this revival taking place all around us and walks with confidence in this life we've been given.

This Is Revival track listing:

  • This Is Revival
  • It's Electric (Can You Feel It?)
  • I Can't Believe (Yet Still)
  • Remind Me
  • Higher
  • Mountains
  • Now Is the Time
  • To Know You
  • Speak
  • This Is Just the Beginning

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