Samuel Green Provides a Step-by-Step Guide to Evangelizing Muslims in New Book

samuel green

Samuel Green has spent more than two decades speaking with Muslims and finding out what they are taught about Jesus and his followers: that Jesus wasn't crucified, the Bible is corrupted, and the Trinity is the weak point you won't be able to explain. He has also come to realize that their book, the Qur'an, makes claims about Christianity and history that simply aren't true.

Where to Start with Islam will equip you to understand and address these assumptions and know where to begin as you seek to present your Muslim friends with Christ and share with them about his wonderful gift of salvation.

This book covers how to share the gospel, incarnation, Trinity and cross with a Muslim. It assesses Muhammad as a prophet, answers the Muslim claims against the Bible, and gives you the relevant history you need to get started.

It's the approach to sharing the gospel with Muslims that doesn't require knowing all about Islam; it's all about knowing Christianity better.

Samuel Green studied chemical engineering (UNSW) and then theology at Moore Theological College. He works with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students as their Islamic specialist and travels around Australia and the world speaking and debating on this subject. He is one of the founding authors at and the author of the 'Engaging with Islam' training material. 



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