The Old Paths’ ‘Come Sunday Morning’ Hits No. 1 on Multiple Charts

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"Come Sunday Morning" from The Old Paths' It's Real EP has reached No. 1 on both the Singing News and SGN Scoops charts.

The closing song of It's Real"Come Sunday Morning," features tenor singer Steve Ladd. The ballad about the Resurrection story has a strong hook and chorus and uses a common, unspectacular phrase to describe a miraculous story.

"On Friday, the Savior died on a cross / Saturday it seemed like all hope was lost / But soon, there would be cause for rejoicing  / 'Cause everything changes, come Sunday morning!" 

The Old Paths' Tim Rackley said the group is thankful listeners and radio DJs connected to the song.

"When we came back on the road full-time last year, we didn't realize how much we would be welcomed back with open arms," says Rackley. "And for that we are so thankful, not only for the support from fans, friends, song writers and Crossroads Music but also from gospel radio." 

Listen to "Come Sunday Morning" HERE


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