Dolly Parton Encourages Fans in Coronavirus Pandemic: "God is with Us"

Dolly Parton

As fears and anxieties over the coronavirus pandemic increase, country music veteran Dolly Parton has posted a word of inspiration. Such words of encouragement have not been more timely as the number of novel coronavirus cases has topped 512,701 in 201 countries and territories with 23, 495 deaths, according to the World Health Organization.  

In an Instagram video uploaded on Friday (March 27), the songstress is standing by her staircase at home as she lightheartedly sings, "Hello it's Dolly climbing the stairway to heaven because this virus has scared the H-E-double L out of us." 

"I'm not making light of the situation," she clarifies, before adding, "Well, maybe I am because it's the light I believe that's going to dissolve the situation. I think God is in this, I really do. I think he's holding us to the light so we can see ourselves and see each other through the eyes of love."

"I think when this passes, we're all going to be better people," she concluded, before encouraging her fans, "Just keep the faith, don't be too scared, we're gonna be alright, God is with us."


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