Caitie Hurst Shares the Story Behind Her Brand New Single "Yours"

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Centricity Music's Caitie Hurst has released her brand new single "Yours." The song is birthed out of a special place in Hurst's heart. 

She shares the story behind the song: "I wrote "Yours" for anyone who's ever felt like you had to work your way up to earn God's love and approval. To someone who's known God for a long time and feels like they have to follow a bunch of rules and do all the things that make them look really Christian, to earn the love of God and feel like they're pleasing Him.

Or to someone who feels way too far away from God because of their lifestyle or beliefs or past sins, and feels like they would never be someone God wants.

I've learned that neither of those things are how God wants us to view Him. In fact all throughout the Bible it's the opposite!! God doesn't need our perfection or our spiritual resumes, He just wants a relationship with us!

I pray when you listen to this song you'd be reminded of God's loving, merciful, and gracious character- and of the fact that He wants so badly for us to walk with Him & receive the love and the grace He offers us! Not because of what we've done or haven't done, but because He created us and He loves us just because that's who He is!" 

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