Nicky Whyman Brings Awareness to God's Presence with "Reason to Believe"

Nicky Whyman

UK worship leader Nicky Whyman has partnered with Homegrown worship to release her brand new worship song "Reason to Believe." The song was written by Rob Tromans, Nicky Whyman & Andy Baker.

Rob Tromans takes the time to share the story behind "Reason to Believe:" "The day this began when three of us met to collaborate for the first time was an absolute first for me. I had written five songs over the previous two years, all unbidden, by inspiration of an insistent voice, usually in the night, who I came to recognise as the holy spirit's prompting. i was not even sure i could write lyrics any other way but had agreed to write or collaborate on twelve songs.

It was a good day and we gelled together straight away. We shared the importance of the word being the foundation of our understanding and believing. Nicky mentioned she'd been reading Hebrews 11: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. for by it the elders obtained a good report. through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of god, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear." 

We saw that faith is the bridge between the invisible spiritual realm and the physical material realm. By faith we are able to believe his promises and allow the unseen (we only see them at first with our spiritual eyes) into the seen physical realm that God is a spirit and he spoke everything unseen into existence in genesis at the first, and created all things from the unseen reality in the spiritual realm.

We added some more to the bridge and a 2nd with inspiration from Ephesians 1, where the word says we have already been given all things, every spiritual blessing in Christ. The song encourages us to be aware that God works in the spiritual realm, that by believing his word about what he has already given to us, then we can see and experience what he so desires us to have in this world and for eternity."

 About Nicky Whyman:

Since committing her life to God in 1999, Nicky's musical talent has been underpinned by the desire and ambition to inspire the lost and hurting with the love of Jesus. With her strong soprano voice and lyrical piano led songs she continues to walk out an incredible musical journey mapping out her heart's desire to "follow in the footsteps of the Messiah" bringing songs of hope and encouragement to the audiences she attracts around the UK and in the US.

Nicky's own personal testimony of being miraculously healed of Multiple Sclerosis further fuels her commitment and drive to inspire her audiences to gain the same hope in life.

Founded on the scripture Hebrews 4:16, her music passionately relays Christ's victory and her faith. Rather than songs about God, these are songs full of God - the mix of catchy melodies, sure vocals and focused lyrics sure to draw the listener into the atmosphere of the throne room of God.

Nicky and her husband Michael met whilst volunteering for organisations that serve the persecuted church. Close to Nicky's heart, she continues to perform at churches alongside Speakers and other acts such as 'Out of the Ashes' to raise awareness and support.

Hailing from and still living in Staffordshire, Nicky and her husband worship at North Staffs Victory Church where she leads and teaches worship, performs at outreach events and overseas conferences.

Nicky has three EPs: her latest release 'Look up and See' (2018) 'Like an Eagle' (2015) and her debut 'My Beloved Calls' (2012). 

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