Kanye West is Partnering with GAP to Make Affordable Clothing

Kanye West

Kanye West is teaming up with American fashion brand, GAP, for an affordable, ready to wear collection.  This collaboration (which none of us saw coming) might have been a long time in the making since Mr.West was an employee at the retail chain before stardom. 

The 10-year deal will be dubbed "Yeezy Gap" and we're excited to see how the two aesthetics will meld together. Yeezy has typically embraced irregular shapes, neutral palettes, and utility features-while the Gap is recognized for its signature polos, namesake hoodies, and contemporary attire. 

Kanye's been expressing an interest in accessible fashion for years, noting how special certain clothing items can make you feel. The fashion line, which is described as "modern, elevated, fashion basics" (via the New York Times) aims to disperse that widespread feeling of coolness. 

Kanye is not the first musician to venture into fashion partnerships. Artists like Rihanna, NAV, and The Weeknd have all had successful collaborations, and we're sure this will be yet another success story for Yeezus. 



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