Lizzie Tatton and Luke Simnett Release Concept Album "Sea Change"

Lizzie Tatton and Luke Simnett

A newly released, independently published, original concept album, titled 'Sea Change,has been released, which explores aspects of faith from different musical genres and perspectives.

'Sea Change' is an album of new Christian songs in various styles featuring singers Lizzie Tatton and Luke Simnett. They are both experienced Christian musicians but this is their first recording. The album is available on all major streaming platforms.

"Why the title Sea Change? Well, we thought it was time for something a bit different in Christian music", explains David Sparrow, one of the songwriters and musicians on the album. "Not outrageously different but different nevertheless. Try it and see for yourself. I hope you enjoy it. The songs are in various styles so don't think that if you have heard one that you have heard them all!"

Lizzie Tatton was born and raised in Somerset and gained a degree in musical theatre at Trinity Conservatoire of Music and Dance in Greenwich. From a very young age her dream was to move to London and become a West End star.

However, shortly after graduating she had a personal encounter with Jesus and felt very strongly that she was called to "be herself", not hidden behind a character in a show and to use her musical gifts for God's glory. She was quickly employed as a worship leader in a London church and hopes that God will continue to use her to spread the message of Jesus and his love for the world through music and dance.

Luke Simnett is a singer, actor and composer who originally trained at MADD and more recently at Arts ED (BA Hons). His credits include a number of faith-based musicals including "Love Beyond" (Original cast and London cast - Wembley Arena starring Dave Willetts), the villain"Haman" in "Luv Esther" (UK tour - music by Kevan Frost, "Taboo", originating"Anton"in "Mystery" (original US cast) and originating "Andrew" in the actor-musician musical "Fisherman's Tail" (Tour). Luke is currently composing a new musical with the writer David Staines (author of the novel "The Watchman of Kerioth").

All the songs are available individually on YouTube. Two of the videos are shown below but some of the other songs are in different styles so make sure you check them all out! 

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