The Sims 4 – Making your Sims Feel the Emotion


Finally! Sims players are up for a new era as EA games and Maxis have come to release the fourth installment of this life simulator game. The latest Sims will be all about your Sims' enhanced intelligence and feelings to ensure chain reaction between the Sims. Fun part is that, you might find your Sims getting angry, bored, and sad that they might end up crying in a tub or happy that they even take selfies in front of a mirror, classy!

EA revealed that player's who owned The Sims 3 that will purchase The Sims 4, are to receive rewards that will pop up in the build mode such as objects that will affect a Sims' personalities in their own unique way. The limited edition will cost at about $85. And if you paid $101 for their Digital Deluxe Edition, you'd be lucky to access the Sims Soundtrack with its special features and the "Up All Night" content to let your Sims enjoy laser light shows and astounding parties exclusively. The game will arrive on PC (Microsoft Windows) at first followed by a Mac release, and soon but not yet announced, for console release.

Release date of the game was supposed to be set in the summer of 2014, but during the EA Games E3 2014 press-con, they confirmed the release to be on September 2 - to give developers a helpful delay to improve the game. Demo trailers were previously released to inform the coming of the fourth installment.

In September 2, 2014, your Sims will start to feel and improve like never before!



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