Once again the agony lessens as Marvel moves up the release date of Ant-Man, Now Set for a July 17, 2015 release!


Marvel Studios have been reigning over the theaters for years now by turning their awesome comic book stories into film. There isn't a film that they have released where they didn't hit millions in earnings and we are almost 100% positive that they will again come July 2015. Why you ask? Marvel had recently announced that they are stepping up the release of their latest theatre conquering film "Ant-Man" to the aforementioned date instead of the original plan of having it on November late next year.

Many are kept in the dark as to what this Marvel hero will have for us. What we are sure of and what fans should get rid of their mind is the idea of Ultron being in the show, even if he was part of the original cast member in the comic book version. Don't fret though because you will be seeing him on the second installment of "The Avengers".

After the first move from November to July 31st, they have bumped it up again by setting it to be released two weeks earlier, specifically on the 17th of July. That means two less weeks of agony for us. With the move up, the movie will be battling with Warner's large-scale budget movie titled "Pan", which is yes, tells the tale of our beloved Peter Pan. As to who will take the crown, we have to wait and find out.

Paul Rudd will be playing the role of Ant Man while Michael Douglas will take on the role of Dr. Hank Pym. The movie will be directed by Edgar Wright, the man behind some of our favorite Marvel films.



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