Cinderella Movie Release Date, Plot and Spoilers: Story Takes on a Different Dimension but has Similarities to Original Disney Tale


Cinderella Movie Release Date, Plot and Spoilers:  Story Takes on a Different Dimension but has Similarities to Original Disney Tale

One March 13th 2015 everybody's two step sisters are coming back unless of course you are rooting for Cinderella. In recent years Disney has been revisiting their old movies and revamping them from Tangled to Maleficent. Walt Disney studios have decided to revisit one of their classics and give a new generation something to remember them by. From information there is nothing new to expect from this version of the movie, it will probably taking advantage of all the new technology that has come to film since they last shot it.

The story of Cinderella is not a Disney tale. It is based on an old European folk tale with different versions in a number of European dialects. The heroine's name stays basically the same in all versions of the story. The story is about a widowed merchant who remarries before tragically dying leaving his helpless daughter at the mercies of her step mother and her two daughters who are not as aesthetically pleasing as Cinderella. Mistreated and abused, Cinderella becomes a pitiful creature whose fairy god-mother takes pity upon and helps her meet the man of her dreams. A prince whom she marries and lives with happily ever after. The story may have varied slightly since the first movie that came out (amazingly) in 1899 but the fundamentals have remained the same.

The 2015 adaptation is directed by Sir Keneth Branagh . Producers David Barron and Simon Kinberg who have experience on movies like The Harry Potter series, Elysium, Jumper and Mr. and Mrs. Smith between them. Writers Aline Brosh McKenna and Chris Weitz bring the combined experience from movies like Three to Tango, The Devil Wears Prada, The Golden compass and The Golden Compass. This amazingly talented production team will be working with a cast that includes Lilly James, Cate Blanchett and Richard Madden to put a new twist on an old story. We shall all have to wait for March next year to see if Disney still have the magic.


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