A New Fantastic Four Movie May Come Out in 2015: Meet The Casts

Fantastic Four
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A New Fantastic Four Movie May Come Out in 2015: Meet The Casts

The Fantastic Four 1994 movie was the first attempt to put Marvel characters in screen. The third movie so far was the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. All of the three Fantastic Four movies failed to excite the audience.

Cinema Blend reports that 20th Century Fox will start the production of a Fantastic Four reboot movie. The studio promised that it will be the most anticipated film in the year 2015.

Fantastic Four Characters

The four members that composed the team are:

Dr. Reed Richards - Mr. Fantastic

Sue Storm - Invisible Woman

Johnny Storm - The Human Torch

Ben Grimm - The Thing

Victor Von Doom - Dr. Doom

Among the Fantastic Four villains, Dr. Doom is at the top of their list.

Meet the Fantastic Four Casts

Reed Richards played by Miles Teller

Sue Storm played by Kate Mara

Johnny Storm played by Michael B. Jordan

Ben Grimm played by Jamie Bill

Victor Von Doom played by Toby Kebbel

Some Information on the Cast Members

Miles Teller played a role "The Spectacular Now" and received critical reviews. He will also play a role in the upcoming movie "Whiplash". Kate Mara played a small part in the Iron Man 2 movie. She played the role of a U.S. Marshall. Michael B. Jordan is a curious pick for the Human Torch. Johnny Storm has always been portrayed in comics and earlier movies as a Caucasian. Jordan who is African-American will be an interesting to watch in the soon to be released movie. Jamie Bill is British actor known by most as little Billy Elliot. Toby Kebbel is the actor tapped to play Dr. Doom.

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