‘Breaking Amish Season 3’ Spoilers, New Casts and Released Date: Would You Leave Everything Behind?

Breaking the amish season 3
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'Breaking Amish Season 3' Spoilers, New Casts and Released Date: Would You Leave Everything Behind?

Breaking Amish Season 3 is set to be aired on Thursday, September 18 at 10PM ET in TLC Channel.

If you are not aware, TLC had recently released an official 'Breaking the Amish' Season 3 trailer.

Along with the trailer, 5 new cast members were revealed and according to Enstars, this would be the "most controversial one to be featured on the series." New cast will leave their country homes to experience the world of New York.

Meet the New 'Breaking Amish' Season 3 Casts

 Bates - A 21 years old guy whose born and raised in Ohio. He longs in becoming a performer, even just for a day.

Matthias - He's 21 years old and an adoptive child to Amish parents. He wants to meet his biological family and he wishes that he can find some clarity in his pursuit of acknowledgement.

 Miriam - A 26 years old mother from Ohio, who's now being avoided due to continuous insubordination towards the Community of Amish. She must make the troublesome decision to either abandon her family or do through admission.

Barbie - A 22 years old Kentucky girl, who's on her way in settling down but chooses to leave her boyfriend, to experience a life away from home. This will definitely test their relationship.

Vonda - A 29 years old girl from Indiana, who's already committed on being an Amish and dangers losing everything on the off chance that she decides to leave her family behind.

 Just by watching the trailer above this article, you can definitely tell that there are a lot of difficulties they need to face. But the question now is, will they face the troublesome choice and return to their old life or would they hold on and risk everything just to have a new life in the city?

 Background Story of Breaking Amish

 Breaking Amish is an American reality show that was first debuted last September 2012 on TLC network. This involves 5 Amish adults who are moving in New York to experience a different life. This requires decision making on whether to return back to their community or totally leaving everything behind to start a new life outside their Amish community.

There were lots of rumors back then that these people are already married, that there's a lot of inconsistencies presented and that the roles of each cast members were falsely portrayed. Despite of these controversies, we have to accept the fact that the show is giving us a lesson of our lives: survival on making difficult decisions.

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