Chappie Movie Release Date, News, Plot, Reveals and Review: Elysium’s Neil Blomkamp to Bring Sci-fi Comedy


Chappie Movie Release Date, News, Plot, Reveals and Review: Elysium's Neil Blomkamp to Bring Sci-fi Comedy

March 6th 2015 is the date to mark on your calendars. For what you ask? Why a sci-fi comedy, the best kind of comedy ever known to man. Media Rights Capital after looking the concept over handed it to Mr. Neil Blomkamp. The Director from South Africa, who was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of Africa's most powerful people, does not have a whole lot of feature films on his list. In fact he only has two, District 9 and Elysium. That is enough to show you that this is a director who has greatness in his very genetic makeup.

The movie is about a robot named Chappie who is kidnapped by two criminals during birth. First question is: what is the 'birth' of a robot like? Chappie is then brought up as an adopted son in a strange and dysfunctional family. Second question, is there any other kind of family? The movie is an expansion of Neil Blomkamp's short film Tetra Val which was aired in 2003. The plot seems rather interesting and considering what great successes his previous movies have been, fans are waiting to see if Mr. Blomkamp can extend his winning streak.

Sharito Copley shall be voicing Chappie. Mr. Copley is also South African and was in both of Bloomkamp's previous movies. Since they seem to bring each other nothing but good it wouldn't be right to separate the two. Hugh Jackman whom we last remember singing in the rain in Le Miserables shall be appearing in Chappie and another movie titled Pan next year. Dev Patel whom we all remember, love and respect from Slumdog Millionaire, shall also be joining the movie. Sigourney Weaver who was simply amazing in the cancelled series Political Animals shall be joining the cast alongside Jose Pablo Cantillo, Anri du toit and Watkin Tudor Jones. The movie was shot in Johannesburg South Africa.


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